The various counters and the dot pattern on the screen

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What are the various counters available in the circuitry to producing the dot pattern on the screen? Explain the purpose?

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The various counters and the dot pattern on the screen



There are 5 types of techniques that you can use for this purpose.

  1. Counter Match technique is the first one. In this, you need to place the students on the top of each dot. These students then compare the counter numbers to dots.
  2. Double Counter Match is the second. In this you need two different plates that need to place on the either side of the dot. Students are then dividing into equal sets for each plate.
  3. Make the pattern yourself. Take the dot and the students should make the same pattern too to hold the plates without using the dots.
  4. Dot Card flash is the best technique among these. You can hide a dot and just briefly using it from its head can save you a lot of time and space too.
  5. Dot Card match is the last one. Students need to sort dots into any order.


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