What is the Difference Between LCD and LED Monitors?

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I want to purchase a monitor but I am confused on what to buy. Should I go for an LCD or a LED monitor? What are the difference between the two? Which is better in terms of day-to-day usage and in terms of gaming purpose? Please enlighten me. Thanks.

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What is the Difference Between LCD and LED Monitors?


LCD or the Liquid Crystal Display and  LED or Light Emitting Diode are the two display technologies that are commonly used today. LED is the technological innovation of the LCD. LED are the LCD displays with a LED backlight to power up LCD. This means that the LEDs are located in the rear or around the LCD panel to increase the light and video definition of the monitor. LCD Display uses Cold Cathode Lights as a backlight. While LED has the same concepts as the LCD except for the backlight feature which is the LEDs.

The main difference between the two is the just the backlight but it presents a lot of enhancements in the LED displays and these are:

1. Contrast – The LED screen contrast level is better than the LCD. The liquid crystals won't stop the 100% of the cold cathode backlight and therefore when the black screen is displayed, it is not fully black. However, the LED screens flawlessly display the black screen with no backlight at all.

2. Color correctness – The color correctness for the two are the same but the RGB LED display has an improved color correctness. The LED monitors that are based on how the diodes are arranged are:

– The Direct LED

– Edge LEDs


The Edge and Direct LEDs utilize white monitors that are used to brighten the LCD panel to make an improved quality of pictures.

3. Viewing Angle – When the viewing angle of the display is significantly expensive than 30-degrees from the midpoint, the contrast ratio is reduced in LCD. This process has an effect on the eye but LED overcome this. LED has an expensive viewing angle which means the picture is still vibrant even when you are viewing it from the side.

4. Power – LED is more consuming than the LCD. But it is sensible and cost-effective to deal with your energy bills or a better quality picture. But if LED is edge light then it will used lesser energy compare to LCD that has the same aspects. LED and LCD displays does not have any issues of burning out so you can use it long time.

5. Mercury – LED does not have or used mercury compare to the LCD backlight that is used in cathode lamps.

6. Size – Edge and RGB monitors are a little thinner than LCDs.

7. Price – This is the main question when buying LCD or LED monitors. LED is much costly but they are efficient and has a better picture quality.

So for your question on which to buy, the answer is if you are looking for a not so monitor display that is not so pricey, go for LCD display. If you want a better image quality although the price is inflated, just go with the LED display. If you are looking for a monitor on your day-to-day routine, go for LCD monitors as they are not so bright and it fits if you are just browsing or just typing anything. For gamers, they always go for LEDs which is very good in terms of graphics.

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What is the Difference Between LCD and LED Monitors?


Hi  Charlie Hopkins 

There is another Techyv post which will be also helpful for you. Pay a visit that page and get more information.

Difference between LCD and LED screen and which is better to use

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