Dell LCD Monitor suddenly stops working with black screen

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I have a Dell LCD monitor of 17" flat screen. After starting windows it only shows a white blank screen. I only see the mouse cursor. It works well when i use safe mode. But now my monitor does not show display.

When I start up my PC it is presented a dark monitor to me. But i hear the sound while the program is running. Now I need to know that it is a problem in the Hardware or Software.

My operating System is Windows XP. Motherboard:Intel. I am thinking going to a mechanics to solve this problem. If anyone give me any suggestion, please!

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Dell LCD Monitor suddenly stops working with black screen


Dear Gladys Felix,

I have some solutions regarding your monitor problem. It might help you solve it.

1. First, you have to check thoroughly if your computer is plugged in to a power outlet and connected to the computer properly. Because if it's not, if it is slightly lose, then most likely it won't function well. In some computers, monitors won't work well with slightly loosen cables. Check also the power light in your computer. If it's not glowing then maybe because your outlet may not be providing power or maybe your monitor do not have any power supply.

2. One possible reason is maybe because you have a bad video card, maybe because it is defective. You will know if it is defective by testing your monitor to another video card if it shows images. If it works on another video card, start your computer in a safe mode. This could work out any screen resolution or color setting problems that stopping your computer from showing images.

Your Dell flat panel has a variety of input borders that can accommodate video from many sources. And your LCD screen are digital and mostly it operates the DVI input. And because many video card offers both outputs, analog connection will function well but the digital one interface will not.

If your Dell flat panel enters the power save mode, it may not receive appropriate digital signal from your video card; that is why most flat panel consumers replace their video cards after purchasing the item for compatibility purposes.

3. If you see that it is still blank, after you started it with a safe mode, unplug your computer then open it and check your video card to see if your video card is properly placed in the motherboard. If it is properly in place and still doesn't display any images in the monitor, then maybe you have to change your video card. Check your computer's manual for the details of your video card and ask your repair man to change it.

4. Try also to reinsert the VGA cable to the VGA port of your video card to check if the connection is lose or perhaps the VGA cable of the monitor is not working or is defective. 

5. Another reason could be is that, maybe you overused your computer so it overheats and then you shut it down while it is overheating. Use computer fans or computer coolers on your computer to avoid overheating.

6. Try to replace you capacitors. Maybe it is blown up because LCDs run at 100% all the time and the capacitors used in it are hardly within the specs. So try to replace the capacitors to prevent it from going blank.

7. Check your drivers. Maybe you applied inappropriate drivers. Since the variety of video cards can sustain the flat panel monitors, problems in this two devices often occur.

In this case, you will then experience problems with your operating system, windows, unsuccessfully controlling how the video card processes data for the monitor. In order to allow your hardware to work simultaneously, you should update your windows drivers of the affected video cards and reset the EDID data of the monitor.

I hope I have answered your question and solved your problem. 

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Dell LCD Monitor suddenly stops working with black screen


OK dear, if you are getting the problem after the window is loaded and the welcome screen comes and after this your screen goes dark then it is a hardware problem and if you are getting it in the start at any run time then it is a software problem. But as you say that it works fine when you use Safe mode, then it is a software problem. 

You can check these to find the problem:

  • Check the brightness of your monitor. Try to reset its properties.
  • Check the cable of your monitor while replacing it by some other, you can barrow one from your friend for a while to check.
  • Go to properties and try to change your theme so that it make clear and look good.
  • Try to update your video drive see the brand of your Monitor and check the user manual for that.

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