Windows 7 blue screen troubleshooting problem

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My new hard disk was delivered to me and when I load it up, BSOD appears on choosing SSD. Then, when I am on Windows Welcome screen, the same issue occurred. I searched on the internet and found out that most likely, this is a RAM issue.  Though I am not sure, I want to know if I can fix it. If so, how?


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Windows 7 blue screen troubleshooting problem


The error you are facing is termed as "Blue Screen of Death" or called as "BSoD" or "Stop Error". There can be more than one reason for having this problem. It may be a memory reference error if you load up too much in your RAM. Then the system is not able to access so many memory locations at once & it gets crashed. Then you see a BSoD like this & your system restarts.

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So here are a few suggestions that can help you to get rid of this screen.

1. If you have recently made any changes in your system like new software installation or any such configuration change then undo that change. You can run a system restore that will restore your system to a state where it was functioning properly.

2. According to the post it is caused after something with your hard drive. You can try rolling back your drivers or updating the previously installed ones.

3. This screen also occurs if you have very less space left in your primary partition. Try to have At least 15 % of the primary partition to be empty. Defragment your hard disk & run windows utilities to clean up your hard disk. You can also use CCleaner which will enhance your system performance by checking & repairing all the bad sectors. You can download CCleaner from here.

4. This error can also be due to some viruses or Malware. Especially is the virus is set to affect the MBR (Master Boot Record) of the system. So scan your system with some good antivirus solutions. Install anti viruses, anti-Spyware & remember to update them regularly.

5. I have faced this error many times on my system as well. The solution that worked mostly every time for me was to get a fresh copy of windows installed in your system. This is the easiest step & the most convenient one too. But you have to take all the backup of your system data before changing the windows. But if changing windows is not something you can easily do then you can consider any of the above solutions. That must work for you as well.

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