What is the best Downloader for Fedora?

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I download a lot. I have 1 Mbps line in my home. Previously I was using Windows. But Recently I am using Fedora in my PC. In windows I have used IDM. But I don't have a downloader in Fedora. It's only curl that I can use.

But it is really annoying to use curl. Can anyone recommend me any better software than curl to continue my download.


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What is the best Downloader for Fedora?


Hi Sumit,

I have gone through your problem recently and made a simple research on it. Here I am talking about 3 best downloader for your Fedora. The downloading links are also given below:

01. COMO Downloader

02. Morz Downloader

03. Auto File Downloader

Hope this will help you.

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What is the best Downloader for Fedora?


If you are using fedora then you can’t use IDM. For that reason you have to go for other downloader. The best downloader I can think of to use in fedora is Aria2C. It is a great downloader. It has all the option that you get in IDM.

You can resume you download, make you download queue, make file into segments, give username and password for premium file hosting sites like rapidshare.com, fileserve.com etc. You have to download it first from here.
Then you have to install the .rpm file. You will need some repository to install it. So you must update your repos to install properly. After install you can use it for downloading. It will be best for you to give “man aria2c” command in the terminal of your system. It will give you the manual for Aria.
From there you can use any command to use aria.
For any help send me a message.

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