What is the best decompile wrapped tcl available?

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Greetings everybody. I hope your all doing great. May I ask what is the best decompile wrapped tcl available right now? What can you recommend to me? Please include its own specifications and key features. A brief review would also be appreciated. I'm looking forward for your answers. Thank you. 

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What is the best decompile wrapped tcl available?


In terms of the best compiler/decompiler, it depends on software or IDE's that are community driven. Some that were best in their era before has already stopped its updating and gone to oblivion. But if it is community driven, support and maintenance and updates would be constant or regular.

The best IDE for me would be Netbeans, since it supports almost every scripting nowadays, you don't need to load a different application every time you shift to a different programming language if the project requires it.

Here is a link for Netbeans 7.2 TCL plugin to let you compile your projects using tcl scripts


You can also check this link in TCL-tk's website regarding list of IDE's that are available out there which you can try.


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