Problem in installing Driver Alert: SSD

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Lately I got Driver Alert and installed it on my PC for the first time, but I have some problems with it.

First, I cannot install the newest NVIDIA driver which is recommended by Driver Alert, the installations are failing all the time.

Second, the software says that I do not have any antivirus or security program on my PC, although I use Kaspersky Internet Security suite.

Third, Driver Alert informs me that the C drive is fragmented and a defrag mentation job is needed, but my drive is a SSD and fragmentation is normal, as you don’t have to defragment a SSD drive. If the program access the SMART data, is it able to identify the drive as SSD?

Can you please give me some solutions on the above problems?

I really appreciate your help. 

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Problem in installing Driver Alert: SSD


Brother, first of all, these softwares are not useful. I once used them but due to such annoying suggestions, I deleted them. I can only suggest you the following things which will clear all your problems.

  1. Delete the Driving Alert.
  2. Go to the NVIDIA site. I suppose that you need NVIDIA drivers for your graphics card and not for other NVIDIA products. For graphics driver download go here. You can let it search automatically for recommended driver or you can just specify there.  For all other NVIDIA product drivers, go here.
  3. You will keep getting this error while using Driver Alert because there are some default paths already written in the scripts of software that specific software can be installed that specific place on the computer. If you have installed it somewhere else then it doesn’t detect it.
  4. You might not have the latest version of Driver Alert which has add-on features for SSD. That is why it recognizes the SSD as a standard hard drive and asks to defrag it. There is nothing you can do about it.


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