What is the best AV for Ubuntu ?

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Some people says Ubuntu don't need a virus guard, is it true ?

Since i use windows applications on WINE platform on Ubuntu i don't feel safe anymore.

What is your idea about this ?

Do i need a AV ?

If yes what will the best AV for Ubuntu ?

and is there any problem for security about using windows applications on wine platform ?

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What is the best AV for Ubuntu ?


Linux (not just Ubuntu Linux) in general is not immune to viruses and malware. Although it can be argued that, statistically speaking, Windows has the highest incidence of virus attacks, it still does not mean that other OS (such as Linux or even MacOS) are not and will never be the target of virus makers.

With the ever-growing popularity of Linux, we can be sure that malicious programmers will set their sights on the free OS. Besides, even if you are on Linux and immune to Windows-based viruses, without an antivirus it is likely that your Linux system can pass on that virus to other Windows user who could be your friends, family or co-workers.

Wndows-based viruses can run under WINE. And although it cannot "hurt" your Linux system, it can do things like connect to others sites, upload and download information, send out e-mails without your knowledge so it is best to have an antivirus running.  Here's an example of someone running a virus under WINE

Avast, BitDefender, AVG and ClamAV are some of the free antivirus solutions for Linux that you can try. I suggest you try them all (one at a time only) and see which one works for you. There are reviews on the net that you can check out that can help you decide.

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What is the best AV for Ubuntu ?


Hello Ansh,

When you have Ubuntu operating system, you will not necessarily need an antivirus for about 98% of virus are usually meant to harm windows systems, hence a bigger advantage of the linux platforms.

But you can still use antivirus solutions like Symantec AntiVirus which is a non-free payware and Avast AntiVirus that is a non-free freeware.

Another antivirus solution you might need to consider is ClamAV, which is free open source software.

You can get ClamAv by installing the clamav package. In the event that you need a GUI for it, you can just install the clamtk.

You can as well install packages in the Software Center or you can go ahead and use apt-get from the command line.



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