3D effects on Ubuntu,plz help me…

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I am using Ubuntu 11.04 v.i went to running  3D effects in Ubuntu, but i do not know how to setup 3D effects in ubuntu11.04?

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3D effects on Ubuntu,plz help me…



What you need is one package called compizfusion and an open imagination , and you shall get what you want. All the customization we're going to do will be done thanks to CompizConfig setting manager,  so first install the package by echoing the following command:
(it may be already installed in your system, so check it out first)

$ sudo apt-get install compiz
Then open the program and start doing the magic:how to start the program : go to System , preferences Compizconfig setting manager here am going to provide some example to illustrate what you can get from this package:
1. How to make a rotate cube effect go to the Desktop entry , choose Desktop cube effect , and the rotate cube effect , now you have an  rotate cube effect up and running in your system, to view it use the shortcut CTRL + ALT + Right (LEFT) and you will see the magic , this will provide with cool rotation effect to the right or the left;
2. Also you can get other pretty cool effects like webbly windows, which will provide with an awesome webbing window: see it for yourself.
3. If i continue to count am not going to end soon, but this is an opening for you and i hope you get the point and i answered your question, i have done some screenshot but i'd rather let you discover for you self , it's pretty cool , i am sure you will like it.


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