What Are SysMain And Its Uses And More Information?

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I have a Windows PC, and it’s running slow. My computer is a 64-bit machine, and I have important files and programs only. But it runs slow. I have heard about a SuperFetch service, SysMain. Can someone share what they know about this service and how to enable it?

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What Are SysMain And Its Uses And More Information?


Windows introduced a feature called SuperFetch now, SysMain. The function of this feature is used to analyze the use of RAM and finding out which applications consume RAM and how often.

In the earlier version of Windows, in addition to RAM, there was a known function, Virtual Memory.  It is reserved in the Hard Disk memory and stores information for the system when the workload would exceed the memory given to it (RAM). When there is not enough RAM, programs will access the page file present in the hard disc. With the advent of Windows 10, Microsoft came up with the concept of SysMain, which is an alternative to conventional virtual memory.

Windows try to avoid using this function when RAM is available, but when a large amount of memory is required, it would compress the data by putting it into RAM and then makes the computer to work on it.

To enable or disable this feature, you need to go to the device manager or Services. Double click on the SysMain service or right-click and choose properties. Set the startup type as required. I would recommend not disabling this feature because it helps in proper functioning when dealing with large amounts of data.

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