How To Display AutoCAD Batch Script Progress

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I've been using Hurricane to generate my batches of script files with my AutoCAD projects. I used this to ope and save my drawings and stores all my script files for easy assembly.

However I would like t know if there is any way to make AutoCAD show the batch scripts progress of my project? Thank you for those who can answer me.

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How To Display AutoCAD Batch Script Progress



Hello! I have reviewed your problem and sure it is, there is way to show AutoCAD batch scripts progress.
Here's how:
You can add this line of code to either.
  • User script
  • Settings tab—> preuserscript
(setvar "modemacro" "Drawing $COUNTER$ of $FILECOUNTINQUEUE$")
This code will display a tiny message in the status bar which will indicate what drawing is currently processed while the script is running.
Notice that in your compiled script the $COUNTER$ and $FILECOUNTINQUEUE$ values are being substituted to values. This line of code changes as the script is running and progressing.4
There you are you can now display it.

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