What are the difference between Java and JavaScript?

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I would like to know about the differences between java and javascript. Also, I would like to know which one is easier 

and possess better functionality and its uses.

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What are the difference between Java and JavaScript?


Java is a separate download application because it is an environment in which a program can be run. Java applets usually do not interrelate with the Web page itself, but typically runs as a ”standalone" program implanted in a Webpage. The presented results or outcomes of applets can come out to be set in an HTML page (one of the examples is the banner message which scrolls so as to is so frequent on Java-enhanced websites), but the Java code turns up as a separate file.

JavaScript is a language used to manipulate the filling of Web pages and supported built into all modern browsers. JavaScript dwells in HTML documents, as wells as offers levels of interactivity not limited to normally flat HTML pages — devoid of the call for for server-based Common Gateway Interface programs.

Both will generate immense web page events. Both can present interface connecting the user and the Web page. However they are not formed uniformly by any ways. JavaScript has its inherent advantages as its user interface is friendlier than Java.

The applets and JavaScript are most frequently accessible on the internet as completely functioning items. You basically take them from the internet and make use of them on your own page (as long as you have permission). There are numerous websites out there like;

https://www.developer.com/index.php?/java is a good one for applets.

http://www.javascriptsource.com/ for free JavaScript scripts.

The HTML Goodies Applet and JavaScript Tutorials will teach you how to implement these items on your pages.


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