Query Syntax

Query Syntax

I am finding a way to reliably restart only mysql service in Ubuntu without harming rest of the processes. I am failing to do so as my command: sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop makes not only the terminal to hang but also entire CPU gets struct. The CPU usage shoots to almost 100% and nothing happens thereafter until i forcefully close the application entirely. AM i trying to close the mysql service in a wrong way? Can anybody help me on this restarting issue? Any comments are highly appreciated

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I am looking for your kind help in joining multiple columns from different tables into one table.

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After mounting a new version of PostGreSQL I did also the following updates. I couldn’t open any if theinstalled apps. So I shutdown the systems and started again but still I cannot open system preferences! How to change the admin to default whih was there before I installed the PostGreSQL? Can I recover the documents folder and other user account folders while still having PostGreSQL installed? The root folders are visible in command prompt but have restricted access. Kindly help me to correct my system.

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Im new to python even though I find it easy to run and operate, Im having problems compiling in Python. How can I go about this? Is there a way I can get to integrate python and java so as to use a multiplex environment? How can this be achieved, Im hoping that someone can help me on this

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Please help me with wine SQL server native client 10. I am trying to use a program that connects to a SQL server using windows authentication. Is there any way to get Wine to authenticate to a SQL server instance using Wine? The distro I am using is Centos.


Nathan H Underwood

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Hi All, 

What is the MS SQL backup data import command, that will restore the Database to a new location. Also provide few similar commands in MS SQL with syntax.

Thanks & Regards,

Neil Rabon

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Hi everyone,

I work in a graphic design company,

I'm a beginner,

I would like to know if there are a jquery slide survey tools, it can help me in my work?

Thank you!

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Hello TechyV!

I need your help please. I am experiencing a Crystal Error 706 which states an unknown query engine error. I do not know how to fix this and why this error is showing. Can anyone please help me? What is crystal error 706 and how does it occur? Is there a way to fix it? Anyone please give me a resolution to my problem. If you have encountered this before, please tell us what did you do to resolve the problem. If you can provide tutorials, demos, books or forum, please let me know. Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you so much.

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I'm planning to create a simple program that my kid can use. I want it to look not too plain. Is there a way I can make a query comic style pop up?


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Hi guys,

How to perform jquery split screen? Share with me some video tutorials or your personal idea about jquery coding to split screens. I need it for a jquery project and your suggestions and advice regarding this issue will be a great help.

Expecting some help, thank you.

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