Modeling Languages

Modeling Languages

Hi! I have a task to develop an application with face recognition. Application should be checking size, form and color of the face and pick a haircut for the face. Mostly the problem is that the application should first find face in uploaded picture. I don't know even where to start. I couldn't find that much information in internet about this subject. Please advise.

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I have come across the word ‘stencil’ a lot within the parallel computing community but I still do not know what it is all about. What is stencil and what is the function of using a stencil with a parallel code? How does stencil enhance the performance of a parallel computer code?

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I am learner in UML, and I have a doubt in two of their models. The doubt is about sequence diagrams and communication diagrams, I want to know is there any difference between them, I felt some, but need someone to confirm that. Thanks for your time.

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I am a new web designer . I know HTML and CSS very well . Now I need to make cute html drop down menu navigation . But I don't know how I can start and what is the process to make it easily . Please any one help me .

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Hello everyone,

I know the Japanese language and I want to write it in my adobe 800 but I can’t.

Can anyone help me how I can write Japanese fonts support 800 adobe?


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I want to know how can you access the html5 dropdown menu? Is there any way to create a dropdown list in an html5 form? Please provide correct information.

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Hello, I'm completely new to CSS. But I'm writing a mail inbox where it's just like your typical e-mail inbox which contains 3 columns for From, Subject, Received. Can I get some basic CSS for formatting this data correctly?

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What modeling and coding languages can be used to create a crazy genetics app that will detect gene identification and what ideas can be incorporated in this app to further its functionality?

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Hi guys,

I want to build a quiz system for my little boy homework, and the teacher requires using uml diagrams. Which application can I use and how to use it to draw uml diagrams quiz system?


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What are the programming languages use to develop go programming language package or is it pure origin? Are there any special advantages of 'go' programming language package comparing Python, Javascript C++ and PHP (open source)? Thanks

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