Hi. I would like to know the steps to be followed so as to learn how do I get JavaScript. Please give the steps for IE as well as Mozilla Firefox. Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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What should I do if I could not find Java SE Runtime Environment?

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I want to know what are the easiest software that I can use to create a web page? How do we create web page? Is it difficult to understand? How can I include pictures in this web page? How to post a link? Can you show me how to insert tables like in excel format? What is the functions of JavaScript in creating web pages? How beneficial if I am going to use it in my web pages? What is CSS in web pages? How useful is it in web designing? Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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I want to develop web applications so I decided to try Angularjs framework. However as I downloaded it, it came out it is only a .js file which I cannot or don't know how to open. How can I perform an installation of this software?

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Please advise what books can be helpful for learning C# and I also need to refresh my JavaScript knowledge. I used to study it, but it was long time ago and right now I need to start working with it. For C# I need information mostly about classes, methods, etc to be able to develop for Windows Phone 8

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What is the best way of customizing web2py pages? the challenge i have with web2py is in the fact that I cant customize the look and responsiveness of my web2py pages using HTML and PHP. I have downloaded many layouts, but I don’t like most of these downloaded layouts. Also, I don’t know how to design one.

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I am making a website and using java script extensively. I need to find the script tag in file every time I need editing in script tag. Can i use script tag outside the head. Also tell me if I can use script tag anywhere does it makes any change in processing. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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CS3 install Java Script with error. I have downloaded the installer from different sources and the error is the same like this one showed below. I don’t know what could be the problem. Is there a problem with the installer or with my laptop ?

Thank you !

JavaScript Alert

Critical errors were found in setup. -The installer database is invalid: Please re-install the product from the original media. Please see the Setup log file for details.

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Hi guys, I'm getting errors to while executing Java script though all the script is error free I checked it again and again and also when I try to see that the program is working correctly using Internet explorer its not working at all what might be the problem.Please help me solve this.Thanks in advance

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Hello there,

I am experiencing a weird error message in the Mac system. I am just a beginner and I do not have much knowledge about the system. When I try to use RadAsync control to upload images I ended up with an error message. I have Internet Explorer and FireFox browser in the system and I tried with the browsers I am getting the same error. How do I get rid of this error message? Help please. Thanks.

Failed to call javascriptOnSilverlightvVerify. {Common_MethodFailed] Arguments:

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