What is all about circuit breaker panel schedule?

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Hello Experts,

What is all about circuit breaker panel schedule? I am not an expert when it comes to circuits but I have to learn this for some reason I don’t want to be an ignorant in the computer engineering world, well nowadays it is very important for us to learn about circuits. Can you give me some tutorial or website for me to get more information?

Thank you.

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What is all about circuit breaker panel schedule?



A circuit breaker panel schedule is a list of receptacles and light that is controlled by each circuit breaker and these can be mostly places or found inside the panel cover. If you're asking what is a circuit breaker? then it is an automatic operated electrical switch made in order to protect an electrical circuit from damage cause by factors such as overload or short circuit. The main function of a circuit breaker really is to detect any fault condition and, by interrupting continuity, to immediately stop electrical flow. You can check my sources for more information by just clicking the link below:

I have also attached some pictures. The first two pictures is a sample of a Panel Schedule Template in pdf and jpg file, while the third one is about Panel System.



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