How to Send a Fax Message Online

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Can I send a fax message online? I do not have a fax machine and the destination is international. 

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How to Send a Fax Message Online


There is lot of online faxing services and most of them offer a few faxes for free. If you need more you must signup for paid service. If you need to send one or two faxes per day, these services are good choice.

Some of them are FaxZero, Pamfax, MyFax, Popfax.

Before choosing a service, make sure you have read their Frequently Asked Questions and/or Terms Of Service , some services are not available in all countries for free and you need to find out which one is the best for you.

In globally, principle is the same. You can send one or two faxes per day for free after signing up with your e-mail. You need to save the document you are faxing in DOC or PDF format, or to type fax content in online editor. Fill in sender/receiver data and that is it. Some services will send you e-mail because you need to confirm fax sending.

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How to Send a Fax Message Online



Sending fax messages is usually done using a fax machine. But if you don’t have a fax machine and you still want to send a fax message, you can still do it through the internet. But to do this you need to buy fax software and a fax modem. Here’s how to check if you already have a fax modem on your computer:

  • Click Start then Control Panel.
  • Select Printers and Other Hardware.
  • Click Phone and Modem Options then select Modems tab. The fax modem should appear on the window. If it didn’t, it means you don’t have it yet on your computer and you need to purchase one.
  • Install the fax modem on your computer. The device is automatically detected upon startup. Install its driver that comes with the package if Windows doesn’t have its driver.
  • After that install the fax software and then run it.
  • To send a fax message: click New Fax then enter the recipient’s name, company, and fax number. Attach the document you wish to fax then click Send. Optionally, you may include a cover letter if you wish.

If you are using Windows Vista Premium and or Business edition, you don’t need to buy a separate fax software because “Windows Fax and Scan” is already integrated with the operating system.

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