Want to know difference in C# and C++

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I am a new programmer and learning c++. I started on microsoft visual studio.I want to know the common differences between C# and C++.I also want to know the main advantages and disadvantages of both the languages.Does C# code is more complex? If so then why some people prefer c# now a days ?

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Want to know difference in C# and C++




Please take a look on the below mentioned point of difference:-


1. C++ is a neutral and low level programming language. Whereas C# is exclusively designed to be used in .net platform and it is also a high level language.

2. C++ has the concept of function pointers but the similar function called Delegates in C#.

3. C# is updated, modern and programmer friendly language as compare to C++.


C# is anyway better than C++. As it is an updated and modern technique with great programmer friendly. Below are the some of the advantages of C#:-


1. Refuse collection

2. Compilers with array bounds checking

3. When a virtual method is called within a constructor, the method in the most derived class is applied

4. Conditional functions


Advantages of C++:-


1. Better application performance.

2. Portability

2. Multiple inheritance is supported

3. Power to enforce consent-correctness.

4. Allows default arguments for subroutine parameters



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