Viral Activity in Adobe Acrobat Pro

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I have recently installed Adobe Acrobat Pro10.0 and updated it on the web, ever since I Have done that it keeps on triggering some kind of setup with a small window, and it asks for a CD to be inserted to complete the setup.

I am suspicious that it is some kind of virus activity.

I want to keep my Acrobat but want to get rid of that triggered installer.

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Viral Activity in Adobe Acrobat Pro


Hi Samjacktheitguy,

I assume this is not a virus infection on your PC.

Your Windows OS just inform you that there some missing drivers or files which might be missed during the installation process.

In order for you to repair this error, you may try to repair the installation of your Adobe Acrobat Pro10.0. 

Please follow the procedures below:

1. Click Start > then go to Control Panel.

2. Go to Programs > Programs and Features then look for Adobe Acrobat Pro10.0.

3. Select Adobe Acrobat Pro10.0 then at the top click Repair. If there’s no Repair button, you may go to Uninstall and there should be a part where you will be asked to either Uninstall or Repair the program. Here you should select Repair and continue the wizard.

4. Please take note that during the process, you should have the installer CD inserted or if you’re using a soft copy, it will prompt you where it is.

If the above process didn’t work, you may try to uninstall the whole program and start from scratch. Then you may try to update the software. During the installation, it is recommended to close the other programs which may interfere with the process.

Hope this helps.


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