Application error when trying to create backup from Blu-ray disk

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I was attempting to create a backup from a blu-ray disk with the following settings: Disk was to be read from Blu-ray drive and shortest version and English audio track were selected. The video settings were DVD 16/9 best quality with video options to default and outputs to DVD9. It crashed at the point that it was preparing the dvd menus, prior to burning. I tried it again with a new version of Blu-ray to DVD and I still get the same result: application completes the conversion and crashes. What could be causing this error? I am looking forward to your help. Thank you.

Exception EAcessViolation in module

BlurayToDVDCOnverter.exe at 000566C7.

Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address


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Application error when trying to create backup from Blu-ray disk


Today Blu-ray Disc is one of the advanced optical disc storage medium. This got the same physical dimensions as standard DVDs and CDs, but with a much more storage space. Here is how to configure a new backup for your DVD :-

  • Click on the New Backup Wizard toolbar button to create a new backup.
  • Then provide a name in the Backup name field and then select a location in order to save this.
  • Next select the files and folders you want to make backup .
  • From the drop down list you can choose a predefined backup and then click Next.
  • After this select how do you want to backup. ‘Make incremental option’ will be highlighted by default, but you can also use encryption for the backup types that creates zip files.
  • At last choose when you want to backup i.e. how often, what day and what hour.

Backup4all is a new feature which provides extended information about the backup that can be consulted before the backup execution. Owing to its own internal Blu-ray burning engine Backup4all offers important features that bring value to the backup to Blu-ray method.

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