USB Flash Drive Format Problem

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My 4 GB USB Flash Drive appears in, My Computer but it does not work. If I try to open it, it shows a message, "Do you want to format the drive?".

If I try to format it, format process also fails. Is there any solution to that?

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USB Flash Drive Format Problem


Hi friend,

Follow this procedure.


1. Unplug your USB device.

2. Restart your computer.

3. Insert your USB then try to open it.

If this step, don’t work, try step 2.


1. Go to start menu then you will see a text field then type run then enter.

Command Prompt appears

2. Another text field appears, type cmd then enter.

3. A command prompt appears/black screen.

4. On the C: prompt type F: then enter. You did this because your USB device is F: drive (if this is what appears in your “My computer” application).

5. Then type start attrib, Enter.

6. Then type attrib –a –s-h –r *. * /s /d then enters.

7. Then open your USB device, you will see all your files, then you can try to reformat your USB.

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