How to Downgrade a PSP

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Sometimes we need to downgrade psp.How to Downgrade a PSP

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How to Downgrade a PSP


Now that you have all the files and instructions necessary to downgrade your PSP, here are the instructions on how to proceed:

  1. You need to disable any anti-virus programs, or any security application in your PC before you proceed with downgrading
  2. Follow carefully the instructions in copying the files for downgrade in the ROOT and PHOTO directory of your PSP. (note that the instruction are included in the files that you downloaded)
  3. Plug in the AC Adaptor and connect it with your PSP
  4. Scroll over to the "Photos" menu, press X, and scroll down.
  5. If the console of your PSP hits a blank screen with letters and numbers on it, or freeze, restart your PSP. If it happens again, try doing a hard reset the holding up the power switch until the unit turns off.
  6. When the PSP boots up, scroll over to your memory stick under "Game" and run the 1.5 US update which you copied earlier. The update will load but will inadvertently fail at 99%. Never fear since this is supposed to happen.
  7. Restart the PSP when it does until the screen turns blue. Press O, and you are done!

If you see a 1.50 firmware logo after your PSP reboots, then you have successfully downgraded your PSP, and access its amazing features.

In case you still experience problems downgrading your PSP or you tried downgrading your PSP and it is "broken" now, I highly recommend the PSP Downgrading Guide below. It comes with easy to follow instructions  + audio / videos. With this guide you will be able to  downgrade, upgrade, downgrade, upgrade, downgrade… do as you wish and need!

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How to Downgrade a PSP


The usual reason why we need to downgrade our PSP firmware is for us to play copied and downloaded games that we can get from the internet. For this, we can get rid of purchasing UMDs and will save us a lot of money. And will even have a chance to copy your friend’s games. After downgrading the PSP firmware, you can be able to play homebrew and then copy games; there are also lots of applications that you can get for free and can even copy DVD movies to your PSP without region limitations.

Downgrading your PSP firmware only takes a few minutes to do this. You can downgrade PSP with firmware 5.50 and lower. PSP3000 is not included. Downgrading other versions may be too tricky especially if its a newer version. And there are risks on performing it. And it can also void the warranty.

To downgrade your PSP firmware, you need to purchase Pandora Battery and a memory stick. For these, you can go to the the link below:



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