USB Device cannot be recognized when inserted

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Every time I attached my Kingston 1 TB External Hard Drive to my computer, the following error gets displayed;

One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.

usb-device-not-recognized-error message

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I am using Windows 7 professional version. I searched the device manager thinking if I catch the issue and saw a yellow mark beside a “Unknown Device” with a device status.
Windows stopped the device due to some problems reported by it.( Error 43 )
Few days back it was working fine but today it just encountered this error.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You
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USB Device cannot be recognized when inserted



Hey buddy,
I had the same problem about 15 days ago and found this to solve the issue.
• Unplug the external hard disc and try plugging it to another USB port. If it works, then it is most likely the first USB cord is malfunctioned.
• Try re-installing a USB driver. If you don`t  have a driver disk with you, try using 3rd party softwares to detect what driver you need to install then search for the appropriate driver on line.
• Try plugging the external hard disc to another PC, if this works then you know your issue is with the original.
• Unplug all the USB cords connected to your PC then restart your PC and try connecting the USB again.
• Uninstall the Universal Serial Bus in Device Manager by:
1. Clicking Start then type devmgmt.msc in the search box. This will open the Device Manager window.
2. Under the Device Manager window, expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers then right-lick on the host controller, click Uninstall then OK.
3. Repeat the same step on Un-installing the other USB controller.
4. Restart your computer; the computer will automatically install all the USB controllers.
• Make sure that the driver for the motherboard and BIOS are up to date.
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USB Device cannot be recognized when inserted


I can understand how important this data is to you but do not worry, we will perform few troubleshooting steps to get your external Hard Drive detected without lose of valuable data.

1. Foremost we need to update few firmware/drivers on your desktop/laptop. To do this you either need to have drivers disk provided by manufacturer or we can download them from manufacturer’s support site. The firmware/driver we need to update are – Express Chipset Family, Management Engine Interface and Card Reader.

You can update them from driver’s disk. If not then log in to manufacturer’s site and get into driver’s and download section. Enter your system service tag number, select your system OS. Once done you will find these drivers under “Chipset” category. Most likely your issue will get resolve by performing these steps, if not then let’s get on to the second step.

2. This step is basically to retrieve your valuable data which we do not want to loose. There are quite a few data recovery software which we can use. I would vote for Recover because I am personally using it and more over it’s a free recovery tool.

Alternate option would be drive recovery, Stellar, GetDataBack or Data recovery wizard. Connect your external Hard Drive and install one of these free/trial versions on your desktop/laptop. Once installed, then try to extract the files saved on external Hard Drive and save it to different locations such as pen driver, CD/DVD or another external Hard Drive.

3. In this third option, we will try to connect your external Hard Drive to the desktop system for which we require SATA cable. Once we have the SATA cable, unscrew the desktop lid and connect the power connector cable to external Hard Drive and the SATA connector on the desktop motherboard.

You will find more than one SATA connector on the desktop motherboard. Turn on the system once done and it should detect your external Hard Drive. If it fails to detect your external Hard Drive here, consider External Hard Drive failure.

4. You may also try exploring the option of connecting your External Hard Drive on to any other desktop/laptop systems besides yours. This will help us isolating the problem if it is with USB port of the External Hard Drive itself.

5. Another option is to carry the External Hard Drive to the manufacturer if it is in warranty. The will help you out getting the issue resolved either by fixing up the drive or replacing it with another one.

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USB Device cannot be recognized when inserted


Thank you for taking the time to help me. Thanks to both of you. You are really generous.

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