Unable to open MS Dynamics CRM Deployment Manager

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I just started using Dynamics CRM 2011. In fact, I just installed it today. When I attempt to open MS Dynamics CRM Deployment Manager, I received an error  “Unable to obtain DNS hostname of Active Directory domain controller with ntdsa object name.” followed by some exception stack trace.

When I close the error box above, I got another error telling me that “MMC has detected an error in a snap in and will unload it.” It has two options to choose to. The first one is to report the error to Microsoft and the second one is to unload the snap-in and continue. I found some similar issues but I don’t know which one is the best to fix this. Can someone help?


Unhandled Exception in Manaqed Code Snap-in


Unable to obtain DNS hostname of Active Directory domain cont,

Exception type:

System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory. ActiveDirectoryOperationException

Exception stack trace:

at System.Directoryservices.ActiveDirectory.Utils.GetReplicaList(D

at 5ystem Directoryservices.ActiveDirectory DomainControfler

at 5ystem.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory Domain. get_DomainC

at MicrosoIt.Crm.Admin,Adminservice.ConligDBsecurity.SystemUs’

at Microsoft,Crm.Admin.Adminservice.ConfigDB5ecurity.SystemUsi


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Unable to open MS Dynamics CRM Deployment Manager


To resolve that issue you will need to unregister the plug-in, and see if the CRM will try to query login user credential and the role from Active Directory. You will notice that the Active Domain Controller information in that situation will be pointed to the Replicated Active Directory which is not available at the moment. That means that the plug-in registration process is having an access right issue and therefore you will get a  "Server was unable to process request" error message.

What you will need to do in that case it to remove the unused Domain Controller from the "Active Directory Sites and Services" .Once you have done that there should be no problem.

-Richard Gabriel


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Unable to open MS Dynamics CRM Deployment Manager

You need to remove a cache file for the MMC to fix this error. It is stored in the user profile and the file is called "adminconsole". It can be found in the path below if you are using a Windows 2008 R2 server: 
C: Users [username] AppData Roaming Microsoft MMC
Delete the "adminconsole" file and it should solve the issue.

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