Unable to append all the data to the table

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Hi. I need help on MS Office Access TransferSpreadsheet Macro. I need to insert common data’s in the main menu or switchboard of a database. This is to get rid of inserting data’s one by one. I tried this step but I am getting an error as posted below:

Microsoft Office Access

Microsoft Office Access was unable to append all the data to the table.

The contents of fields in 0 record(s) were deleted, and 1 record(s) were lost due to key violations.
* If data was deleted, the data you pasted or imported doesn’t match the field data types.
* If records were lost, either the records you pasted contain primary key values that already exist integrity rules For a relationship defined between tables.
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Unable to append all the data to the table


Check this solution:


-Make sure referential integrity is not being violated.

-Don't try to import a field to an autonumber.

-Make sure the data types match, ie, don't import currency into a date field.


-Always use SpecificationName where possible. This stops Access from trying to determine the type of the field from the data.

-When doing a transfer manually, you can go into advanced mode, where you can load and save Import/Export Specifications.


-Try to create a new table linked to the excel sheet.
-Then use an Append query to load the data.

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