Microsoft Access ODBC call failed

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My best regards to all readers.

I was at work this morning working on our CRM application, when I wanted to save some edited record to the database an error message appeared about a drive space error.

Microsoft Office Access

ODBC—call failed

[IBM][i Series Access ODBC Driver][DB2 UDB]SQL0666 – SQL query exceeds specified time limit of storage limit. (#-666)

When I read the error message above, what came to my mind is I may have a full drive, but when I checked on it, it has a lot of drive space in it. That is why I am thinking what made this application to send a message regarding drive space. Please share some comments on this issue I posted. Thanks a lot in advance.

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Microsoft Access ODBC call failed


So, this kind of might have been the timeout after all. Within style view I changed the qualities with the look at through Overview to be able to "Dynaset (Inconsistent Updates)" (even though Milliseconds doesn't describe within the on the internet assist just what that precisely means). I would go with Picture because there's no need in order to revise the info, however because of the fairly wide range of records, Milliseconds advises using Dynaset. Furthermore the Timeout from the view had been changed to be able to nine hundred mere seconds (15 minutes ), in the event that our SQL Host is doing several real function This might be insufficient. It will be helpful which instead of ODBC-Call hit a brick wall, MS Access would certainly state something such as "Timeout expired", yet presently there probably is a further reason why this is not possible.

Leaving the actual query: Dynaset, Dynaset (Inconsistent Updates), Overview? As a skilled P/SQL as well as T/SQL, my partner and I concept of just what MS Access will be talking about right here. The actual paperwork is fairly dodgy furthermore. My partner and I reality I only need to browse the information (it really is regarding reporting).

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