Ubuntu better for new users

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I want to know about Ubuntu Linux. Why it is preferable for new users?

Whether it is more secure or not.

Please guide me

As usual thanks in advance

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Ubuntu better for new users


Hello Anam,

You can enjoy using Ubuntu with these advantages towards Windows. I hope this information is of good help.

– Ubuntu is free and can be downloaded on any offered site. Can be installed, and also be redeployed to anyone with no catch.
– It comes with more than 2k programs that can also be downloaded and mounted with no fee. It can also run on most Windows OS programs. 
– It works splendidly and has enhanced programs. Internet Live Chat for Ubuntu is accessible with their whizzes to solve your problems. Also, it has a website for error certification from time to time. They try to fix the errors in an update style, hassle free.
– Ubuntu is easy to learn. The fundamentals of Ubuntu can be effortlessly done and understood by anyone, even those who do not have much experience in using it.
– It can easily be customize than any other operating systems. Settings can also be altered anytime. It is very user friendly.

I hope I got your point regarding this question. I think this is of good help.

Good luck!



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Ubuntu better for new users


Ubuntu is pronounced as “uu-BUUN-too”. It is an operating system built on Linux kernel and Debian, the Linux distribution. It uses Unity as its desktop environment by default. Unlike Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows that are distributed commercially, Ubuntu is free, open-source software. You can download it without paying a cent and you won’t have to purchase any license key to activate the platform.

For users that prefer free stuffs, this is an ideal operating system for them since they can have it free on their computer. Even though it’s free, not much users are using it on their computer and most users still prefer Microsoft Windows amongst the operating systems. I think the reason for this is the availability of the programs or the compatibility of the applications that support Ubuntu.

The word “ubuntu” came from the Southern African philosophy which, most of the time, translated to “humanity towards others”. Ubuntu comes preinstalled with Empathy, LibreOffice, Firefox, Transmission, and Thunderbird, as well as some lightweight games such as chess and Sudoku. Additional software that doesn’t come with the package can be downloaded from the Ubuntu Software Center.

Some of the software that can be found in the Ubuntu Software Center are Synaptic, Evolution, Pidgin, and GIMP.

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