Ubuntu 9.04 -Error while Expunging folder

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Hello Guys,

I am using Ubuntu 9.04, and I have problem regards junk folders because I can’t delete it because of a strange error that appears every time I try it. The error said “Error while expunging folder”. Please need help. Thanks



Error while Expunging folder.

Error storing ‘~/.evolution/mail/local/Sent (mbox)’:

Summary and folder mismatch, even after a sync

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Ubuntu 9.04 -Error while Expunging folder


Hello there,

I think I totally understand you problem here. My friend had the same problem once with Ubuntu. Its usually always caused due to a certain type of bad virus. One thing you can use is a good licensed anti-virus software and scan your whole system thoroughly.

There is another uncommon way out of it and that would be to use the poison virus, its using a virus to kill or eliminate another virus. If you don not want to do any of the above you can always try to reboot your system and reinstall Ubuntu. I think out of all the ways I explained, rebooting and reinstalling Ubuntu would be the brightest idea.

Good luck.

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Ubuntu 9.04 -Error while Expunging folder


The error is being caused by some corrupt index files that are found in the folder that you want to delete, and therefore you will need to fix then. To help you do that, I have the following script that will help you fix the problem, and it will do that by cleaning up old or index files that have been corrupt.

Before you run the script, you should perform the backup of the ~/.evolution directory, just in case the process ends up being problematic. After you have run the script, you will need to run evolution, and you will have to be patient while it re-creates all the mail indexes. The following is the script:


export LANG=C

set -e

evolution –force-shutdown

tar -zcf dot_evolution_$$.tgz ~/.evolution/

for each in index data cmeta; do

find ~/.evolution/mail/local -type f -iname "*.$each" | while read f; do rm -f "$f"; done


rm ~/.evolution/mail/local/folders.db

Clair Charles

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