System beeps a lot other than boot

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When I switched on one of PC in my office,it started beeps a lot. I picked up its RAM as usually done and made clean. After putting it again the same beep was there. Then i replaced the RAM,But Processor didn't start. Power supply is well working then where is the problem actually.

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System beeps a lot other than boot


Hi Imtiazbz,

When computer is beeping while start-up, this means there is something wrong with it. Below are the list of meaning to identify what beep sounds is.

 * Beeps

1 long or 2 short

Problem with video adapter, this has to be inserted correctly.

* Repeating beeps

Random Access Memory problem.

* 1 long or 3 short

Video RAM is not detected.

* Frequency beeps.

Fan problem, probably it gets overheat.

Once identified the beep sound and the meaning, this will give us idea what to fix and how. You will then start working on the main issue and should concentrate on that matter because you might damage the other components when opening your computer. Below is the link you need to check to further identify other beep sound not listed above

sound property window console
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System beeps a lot other than boot



Beeping can be caused by hardware problem. Try to test first your power supply if enough power is supplied for all your devices. Next, Check if you have installed or connect any other peripherals. Pull them out first. Reboot your computer and check if the still the sound beeps occurs.

If still it occurs, Check your memory, clean it up and connect it again. If not, removed the processor. clean it also. In this way. you are checking that all of the hardware is connected properly.

Hope it helps.


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