Tell me how to install Asus TV Tuner card properly

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I have bought a Asus TV Tuner card.

Before I get my hands on it and probably ruin it, I want TechyV support people to tell me everything about the process of installation and making it work.

I am no expert when it comes to computers but I do know that it must first be placed inside my computer.

So what I need is for you to explain to me step by step how to install Asus TV Tuner card.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Tell me how to install Asus TV Tuner card properly


Hello Sue,


To install your Asus TV Tuner card:

1. First of all, unplug the power cord from the computer.

2. Remove the system unit cover (See your computer documentation for detailed instructions),

3. Find the PCI slot and make sure that it is free of obstacles (cords, other cards, etc).

4. Remove/Unlock the expansion card cover from the system unit.

5. Remove the metal cover of the slot that you are going to use.

6. Align the card connector to the slot and press lightly the card until it is entirely seated on the slot.

7. Replace the extension card lock, in order to keep the card still on the system unit.


I hope you find all these information useful


Osborne Percival

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