SWiM Error Code 775 DirecTV On My TV

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I was watching TV on the SWiM box. Suddenly, it showed me the error code 775 DirecTV,and the picture was out. I could only watch recorded shows. There is no TV. Please help.

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SWiM Error Code 775 DirecTV On My TV


There must be a connection problem with your receiver. Please follow the steps below to solve your problem.

  1. Starting with the SAT-IN connection, make sure all connections are properly secured.
  2. Check that all the receiver cables are tightly plugged in at the back of the receiver.
  3. Unplug the SwiM power inserter. Wait for a few moments and plug it back.
  4. Let the connection reset. Now, turn on your TV.
  5. Your problem is solved.
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SWiM Error Code 775 DirecTV On My TV


When a DIRECTV user encounters a problem, there will always be an error code displayed on the screen and error code “775” is among those error codes you might see. This error code indicates that the DIRECTV receiver is having a problem communicating with your satellite dish. When you encounter this error, your TV screen becomes frozen or pixilated or there is no picture at all.

You need to do some troubleshooting to identify the cause of the problem. First thing to check is the DIRECTV receiver. Go to the back of the receiver and check each connection for loose or not correctly seated connection. Start checking with the “Satellite In” or “SAT IN” connection. Verify that every connection at the back of the receiver is correctly seated.

When you are finished, turn on your TV then see if it works. If this doesn’t work, next to check is the Swim power inserter. The majority of DIRECTV users also have this in addition to their satellite dish and DIRECTV receiver. The Swim power inserters need to be connected to a power outlet to work. They are connected to the cables going towards the DIRECTV satellite dish.

If your DIRECTV comes with Swim power inserter, verify that it is plugged in to a power outlet and it is turned on and working. If it is turned on and working, try doing a power cycle to fix the error. Unplug the Swim power inserter from the power outlet then wait about thirty seconds (30). After this, plug it back to the power and turn it on.

Make sure everything is hooked up, turn on your TV, and see if the error is fixed.

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