How to enable virtual desktop for windows 7 operating system

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I am using Windows 7 OS and I need the feature of the virtual desktop feature in my system as I usually open a lot of tabs together and need to keep a clean desktop. So can anyone tell me about any software that provides the feature of virtual desktop for Windows 7 operating system?

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How to enable virtual desktop for windows 7 operating system


Virtual desktops are provided API support in windows operating systems ever since the inception of Windows NT4. Although this feature has been provided as an inbuilt feature in Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10, you need a tool to enable it in Windows 7 or any other Windows OS. One such tool is DesktopsV2.0 by Sysinternals. After Microsoft bought it a few years ago you can now download DesktopsV2.0 at windows Sysinternals site. The complete procedure from download to installation, Setup and using DesktopV2.0 is given below:

1) Download and installation:

After the download is completed, extract the contents of the downloaded zip file and double-click on the Exe file. The setup dialogue box will pop up. You can set it to automatically start at the system startup by selecting at the bottom of the dialogue box that says run automatically at logon.

2) Setting up and usage:

By default, the hotkey to switch between the desktops is Alt + 1or 2 or 3. Which we can change right-clicking on the system tray icon. Also, you can get an overview of the desktops and switch between using system tray icon.

Each and every desktop is unique although the wallpaper or background theme remains same in all desktops, the window that maybe open in one desktop won’t be open on another desktop. Also, the system tray icons that appear in one desktop won’t appear in another one.

3) To close DesktopsV2.0:

You can stop DesktopV2.0 by unchecking the “Run automatically” checkbox. Another way to stop it is by logging off and logging on back.

There are many other virtual desktop software like Dexpot available nowadays. But as DesktopV2.0 is owned and powered by Microsoft it mostly uses the inbuilt functions of Windows OS and hence is more of lightweight. Hope this helps you.

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