Sudden SIM error when using a modem

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Hi Gurus,

My modem was working perfectly fine when just a while ago I got this error message.  I haven’t changed nor touched the SIM inside it and so I wondered why I got this error.  

Need your help as I couldn’t connect to the internet and still have to go to an internet café.  I wouldn’t want to buy a new one since this modem in error is fairly new.  

Please help resolve.


Only the specified SIM/USIM card be used on the device!

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Sudden SIM error when using a modem


I’m not sure if you are using a USB modem or a different type of modem that also uses a SIM card to work. Usually, these types of wireless modems are locked to a single network and because it is locked on a particular network the only way to use it is to buy a SIM card for that network.

And if you try to insert a different SIM that works on different network, it will not work. I’m not sure if you replaced the inserted SIM card with a different one or it just failed to work. If you are sure that the SIM card you used is the right one, then probably it just got broken.

Just try replacing the SIM card with a new one and also with the same network or else it will not work. If you want to use your modem on different SIM cards of different networks, you need to unlock your modem first.

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