Please explain about Agere Systems?

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Please explain about Agere Systems? I heard about Agere System lot of space and memory someone Please Explain about it, but not to confuse me.

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Please explain about Agere Systems?



Agere Systems is a company which provides integrated circuit components. It is a subsidiary of Lucent Technologies. Integrated circuits will be used for performing various functions like processing and storing data. Processing electric signals.

This company provides manufacturing of telecommunications systems and software products. This company was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary by Lucent.

This company provide drives for various HAD modems which are available in the market.

This company merged with LSI Corporation which is famous for Semiconductor-Integrated Circuits.

In 2002 Microsoft was by Agere for the theft of an important technology used in VOIP.

Agere is located in various parts of the world employing over 1 lakh people in it. 

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