Want to disable DVD writer drive disables

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I have a HP brand desktop Computer. It’s my family Computer. Sometimes my sister see movie using the DVD writer.

Now Its very slow to read any DVD. So, I want to disabled the DVD writer drive.

Only I can access the DVD writer.


Is it possible?

If possible how can I do this?

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Want to disable DVD writer drive disables



You can disable your DVD Writer by following these steps and set of instructions: 
• First, open My Computer, and then select your local disk usually labeled as (C:) by clicking on it once.
• Next thing you have to do is right click on it and select Properties.
• A new window or a Properties dialog box will pop up. In the dialog box, you will see different tabs. 
• Now, click on the Hardware tab.
• After clicking on the Hardware tab, it will show you information on the different drives that is detected by your computer. Under all disk drives, you have two subheadings, the Name and Type
• Under Type, click the option that is labeled DVD/CD-ROM drives.
• On your Hardware tab, you will notice another tab at the lower right portion labeled Properties. Please click on it once.
• Another dialog box will pop up after you clicked it. Now take a look at the bottom part of the General tab, below Device usage, you will see a drop down menu. Please click on that drop down menu once.
• On the different options that you will see, please select by clicking once on Do not use this device/disable.
• Finally, click on “OK” on the different dialog box that you opened to apply the settings you made and to eventually close the dialog boxes.
It should now disable your DVD writer. Hope it helps.
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Want to disable DVD writer drive disables


You have not mentioned your operating system, in this way we can give you the exact solution for your problem.

Disabling the driver or the hardware may help you to do this. You can do this by opening your hardware profile inside the device manager. To do this, press Window + Break then click the device manager. On device manager, expand the DVD/CD-ROM drives then right click on your device driver. On the device driver dialog box, click the Driver tab then select Disable.

Another solution for your problem is to set the user accessibility on your device. Just create multiple users in your operating system then set the permission or security permission for your device. This procedure is avail here in techyv just have a time on searching with it.



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