Steps For How To Defrag Ipad Mini For Enhanced Performance

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I am use an ipad mini for one and half year and now it has been lagging frequently. I had tried various apps to speed it up but all in vain. Can anyone help me find a solution about how to defrag ipad mini as i belong to non IT background. Thanks in advance.

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Steps For How To Defrag Ipad Mini For Enhanced Performance


Ipad mini and apple gadgets dont use HDD. So defragmenting is nt an option. Rather apple gadgets use Flash drive due to which they are comparatively faster than other android products. In an HDD,it requires some mechanical read/write heads to read and write data respectively as the whole data is scattered in various sectors. So with defragmentation data is accumulated at single place and is accessed to speed up the device. But in Ipad mini a Flash Drive is being used in which data is scattered but it uses electrical searching rather than former mechanical searching. Defragmenting it will shorten its life as this will erase the record at backend which tell how many times a sector is being used.

NOW if u want to speed up your device and clean it follow my steps:

1:UPDATE your IPAD to latest software- updating it will help your device to run applications at an optimal speed.Also updating always ensures that bugs are fix which were prevalent in previous firmware and ameliorates the speed and many features in your device.

2:Close unused apps on device:When you close the app via pressing HOME button, it doesnt close the app and it would still be running in the background. So you can manually close it by long pressing the home button and closing the app from there or force stop it. Try to delete some unused app for rebooting and speed up the RAM. To force stop press the Sleep button(power button) and then when screen appears(as shown below in pic) then immediately press Home button to force stop apps.

3:Clearing the browser cache:Browser keeps the records of pages we visit in form of caches to enhance browsing speed. But at times it becomes the burden of slowing down the device speed. So i recommend to clear the cache of browsers after two days. Also clear the cookies from web browser history.

Settings–>Safari–>Clear cache.

4:Disable the iTunes Auto Backup feature with Backoff and speed up your sync. The apps which are not used frequently should be deleted. This will help to free the RAM to store and load more data with proper speed. Keep a task killer and a cleaner to free up memory on daily basis. You can use Memory Clean – Monitor and Free Up Memory

By FIPLAB Ltd to make your work easy. By cleaning the memory and killing some uneccesary apps which run in the background you will be enhancing the battery life.

Hope this helps.

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Steps For How To Defrag Ipad Mini For Enhanced Performance


If you are thinking of defragmenting your iPad mini, you are risking of killing your device. Defragmenting a storage device is designed for regular hard drive only which an iPad mini doesn’t have. If you try to defragment your iPad mini, you might damage its internal storage. The best way to speed up your device is to update its firmware.

Speeding up iPad mini

Update your iPad mini to the latest iOS to fix any bugs that cause lag to its performance. Aside from that, you should also check your device for apps that are left running in the background. Normally, in mobile devices, when you run an app and close it later, it doesn’t usually exit completely like what normal programs do on a regular desktop computer.

Most of the time, when you exit an app, it will exit your screen alright but will remain running in the background. When you have multiple apps running in the background, it will surely decrease the device’s performance. To make sure every app closes properly, check your task manager every time you close an app.

When you see it still running in the task manager even after closing it, swipe the app to the left or right to terminate it completely. One particular app that will stay running in the background even after closing it is the Safari browser. So, if you notice your iPad mini is beginning to get slower, check your task manager.

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