FAA could launch their own app store.

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Probably  FAA is going to launch their own app store and planning to introduce the iPad to its pilots, does it mean that passengers can use iPad during takeoff and landing?

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FAA could launch their own app store.




A lot of Federal Aviation Administration employees are now using iOs tablets that help them send data, emails, and documents as a faster means of communication to other employees as well. They are still planning on having their own App Store in order for their employees to make use of specific aviation apps. Regarding your question as to the passengers can use their Apple iPad during take offs and landing, that is still unanswered. But they are still looking forward to the future as to the results and developments of the said plan.

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FAA could launch their own app store.


Yes, it is true the FAA or the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has plans on expanding the use of iPad as well as create its own app store. They discovered that the use of the Apple iPad has lowered costs and improved efficiency. There are around 1,100 FAA employees who are currently using iPad and they said it will generally expand in the coming future.

They found out that the Apple iPad tablets are specifically useful for employees at the administration such as lawyers and mechanics. They permit their employees to read and send email or documents with the iPad but they don’t permit the device to be used to access the FAA networks.

According to FAA’s manager of Architecture and Applied Technology, by 2014, they plan to allow employees to make a decision if they want to replace their laptops with iPads. In July 2012, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration granted the use of the iPad as an electronic flight bag for pilots. This change lets airlines replace bulky 40-pound paper manuals with just Apple’s touchscreen tablet.

An example of an FAA app is the B4UFLY iOS app developed by the Federal Aviation Administration. Its latest version was released on June 30, 2016 and is around 49 MB. It requires iOS 9 or higher and supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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