Something Wrong on my Audio Jack

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The audio jack of my computer stopped working.

I cannot hear any sound.

I bought a new headset thinking that it is only a problem with a headset, but when I tried the new one, still I cannot hear any sound.

What is the possible problem of my computer?

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Something Wrong on my Audio Jack


Hey Leslie!

If your new headset is also not working then there can be two possible reasons of the problem.

1. Out of dated drivers:

You have to update you drivers. You can download the latest drivers from the manufacturer website or alternatively you can use software like Driver Genius which will help you in updating you Audio drivers automatically according to your windows.

2. Disabled Sound

There is also a possibility that you sound drivers are disabled.

Click on Control Panel and open Sound devices (With speaker icon). Click on Hardware Tab and then select Properties from Hardware Tab.

In Device Usage section, check whether your sound hardware is enable or not.

If  it is disabled then enable it by pressing the small drop down arrow.


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Something Wrong on my Audio Jack


Hi there ,

1. Check if your device is muted . Go to control panel and then find the volume options in the sound category or menu. 
Make sure its not muted . If its muted or value is set to very low then unmute it or increase the volume and see if it works.

2. If not then go to start and then click run or for shortcut press winkey + r 

Now type dxdiag.

Now in the box copy the Motherboard model number and paste it in your Google with your motherboard manufacturer's name and type download audio driver and then find the relevant website and download the audio driver and install it.

Good luck.


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Something Wrong on my Audio Jack


Hello Tunacao,

After I have updated my driver.

My audio is working well now.

Never expected it that it was my driver that needs to be updated.

I even think it was my headset.

Well anyway thank you so much for the help.

Techyv Rocks!

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