Disks are not being discovered by the system.

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My computer does not recognize disks.

I have tested the drive with another PC and it is working ok but not with this specific PC.

I get a message saying there is no disk in the drive and ask that a disk be inserted.

Is this a hardware problem or what is wrong with my PC. Thanks.


ehExtHost.exe – No Disk

There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive E:

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Disks are not being discovered by the system.



You should check your disk if it is connected properly. Make sure that you completely installed the driver of that specific drive. Guarantee that your installer came from your manufacturer’s website. Ensure that some part of the driver is not missing. Verify some applications, because sometimes it can block plug and play abilities of the drive. If all of these suggestions have been attempted, and you still come upon to the same problem. It is likely that your disk is really in a bad condition and it needs to be replaced. I hope all of these recommendations will help you fix your problem.

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