Video camera with advanced features and touch screen capabilities

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I want to buy a new video camera for my business. Can you tell more about Panasonic HC-X1000? What are the specifications? What is Venus Image Processing Engines? What is O.I.S, & Hybrid O.I.S? What is the use of EVF and touch screen with this camera? What is the purpose and benefits of Leica Dicomar optical lenses? What is MOS Sensors? What is AVCHD Progressive recording? What is the use of Zebra functions? What is XLR audio inputs? How much is it in the market?

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Video camera with advanced features and touch screen capabilities


Hello Christine!

Here are the specifications of this camera.

1.    Pixel gross – 18,470,000

2.    Focal length – 4.08 to 81.6mm

3.    Zoom – Optical 20x

4.    Recording – NTSC / PAL

5.    Format – 4K, MP4, MOV, AVCHD

6.    Aspect ratio – 16:9

7.    Audio Format – AAC, Dolby Digital 2ch, LPCM

8.    1st Display monitor and 2nd Display Monitor

9.    I/O – 2 x XLR mic, 3.5 mm stereo mini camera remote, 1 2.5 mm super jack, 1 A/V, 1 HDMI, 1 3.0 USB, 1 USB Micro- B 3.0

10.  Battery – Li-ion battery 7.2 DC, ac adapter

Venus processing engines is an image processor for Panasonic camera. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) controls and minimizes the jitter or while shooting and moving to different places. Electronic View Finder (EVF) is a camera built in system that projects the image captured in a display. MOS sensors detects the light intensity in the environment. If the image being captured is over exposed with light, the camera itself will then adjust the settings and minimizes the super infracted parts of the images with light. Unfortunately, this system loses some of the colors of the true image captured. Leica Dicomar Lens amplifies the better image capture even if it’s moving. Meaning less motion diffractions, less pixilation. Advanced Video Coding HD (AVCHD) video file format that play back high definition video after recording. This was developed by Sony and Panasonic for their digital recording devices. Zebra Functions gives the user a unique blend of presets while capturing images like adjusting the light exposure, making the image colors to be balance, eliminating particular area with black colors. XLR sends robust sound captured from external environment. Making the captured sound to be dynamically clear and less noise. The price is ranging from $2500 up to $2,950.

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