Some audio codecs don’t appear in pvr sound codec

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Im lost! I need help with pvr sound codec. Why some of the audio codecs don't appear in the some type of PVR sound codec capture configuration setup? Just wanted to learn more about PVR codec. Thanks

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Some audio codecs don’t appear in pvr sound codec


Hi Kylie,

The PVR is actually a Personal Video Recorder. And this is an application that is used to record IPTV and also schedule any other recordings on the computer. The first of this software was the GB-PVR that came out for the windows platform, it was very successful as it was robust and simple, very user friendly and allowed the users to perform many tasks with it. The best closest software that I can compare it with is the Windows Media center.

The goodies that are included in the software (GB-PVR) are DVR, a radio station with an online tuner and music and also a movie player and library that allows managing all the files in a single place. The next generation application after the GB-PVR is the NextPVR and thus the updates and support for GB-PVR sis no more.

Even though the PVR is an open interface the core engine is blocked, but still it allows the users to develop personal plug-ins for the application using C#, VB.NET or C++. The software also has added an advantage that allows the users to change the skin and also the wallpaper.

Now that we have a close idea of the application, let me also discuss about the PVR codec. The key codec or the extensions that are supported are MPEG, but it also supports non-MPG formats such as AVI(ivX/Xvid) and also WMV. These are the basic files that will play, so if you are looking to view extensions other than this, there will be no values to it as the application does not support the same.

So in order to view a large number of extensions and also to play the files you have to install the codec files, which enables the application to open other extensions, this is the role of the PVR codec, it enhances the features of the application enabling it to read and play any files.

I hope this illustration might have come in handy. Please do let me know if you need anything more.

Bell Keny.

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