Solutions to error code f2-04 on my Sharp copier

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After boot up my Sharp are 266fg copier is showing an error that says error code f2-04 and is not allowing me to move forward. 

I have switched the machine off and on again, but the error remains the same.

Do you know about any solution regarding  such problem?

If so then please let me know.

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Solutions to error code f2-04 on my Sharp copier


Hello Maria Jacksonn,

Your problem about the error might be because of faulty cartridge or you are using an incorrect cartridge.

 I suggest you try your cartridge in another machine to test to or try another cartridge. Another problem could be the toner, make sure that the modular connector that connects to CRUM chip was correctly placed. The bracket aligned to them might be deformed.

Try to remove safely and re-form it with pliers back to its proper shape. Drum Data read could also be a problem, therefore try to reset it by pressing "clear", then "interrupt", then "0" and "interrupt" again. Press 14 , then the "start, and lastly press "Clear".

Hope this information would be useful.

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