Software for tracking IP address

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There are lots of websites who track users IP address.

My question is what kind of software or techniques they apply for tracking IP addresses?

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Software for tracking IP address


Hello Victor Mantle,

I always suggest Google Analytics as the most effective tool of identifying ISP address of visitors because it ensures trusted analysis, free of cost and easy to install on your website. Now the question is how it works. Isn’t it?

Actually all websites over the world is connected with the search engines and search engines also cover all locations over the whole world. So normally it is very easy to find out the location of any visitor of any website if the site uses Google Analytics tool. Here JavaScript code system is used to track the visitors IP address and other data of the visitor’s site.

The JavaScript code starts the tracking tasks whenever a visitor view a page of your website and after starting the tasks it sends to analytics server that identifies the location as well as the IP address of the visitors’ website.


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Software for tracking IP address


An IP address is needed to send and receive information.Websites do their tracking by looking IP address,cookies,browsing history etc.

Among them four main ways of tracking-

Online Tracking

How to trace an IP address here.

There are ten technique walk through

  • DHCP information.
  • Sniffing network traffic.
  • ARP broadcasts.
  • Net view.
  • DNS zone transfer.
  • DNS lookups.
  • Domain computer account.
  • Trace route.
  • Ping scan.
  • Port scans.

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