Shows failed to open message of Stack Builder

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Hi experts,

I am a novice in PostgreSQL. Recently I have installed PostgreSQL version 9.1 with Application Stack Builder 3.0.0.

On the other hand, I have ever had the Stack Builder effort while installing the latest software.

And I am getting the following error message:

What should I do? Need a solution. Thanks.


Failed to open the application list:

Error: The URL specified could not be opened

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Shows failed to open message of Stack Builder


I think the installation wants to access a specific .xml file directly over the internet but the specified address can not be reached. The URL of the .xml file that the installation wants to access is but the said location is unreachable.

Be sure you have an active internet connection before doing the installation of Stack Builder 3.0.0 or else you will again go back to the same problem. Check your internet connection using a web browser by browsing some websites.

Or, you can try going to the URL indicated in the error message ( just to see if you can directly access the file from your web browser. I already tried accessing that link and it’s accessible in my computer.

If you can access the content of that URL, try launching the installer again. But if you can’t access the URL, fix your internet connection and try again.

I think this installation will not continue until it can access the specified URL.

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