Ordinal Not Found error on PostgreSql

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Hello guys,

 I am using Ruby under Windows XP 32bit

DB: postgreSQL 8.4, when trying a to get connected I get this message somewhat like this

ruby.exe – Ordinal Not Found

The ordinal 284 could not be located in the dynamic link library SSLEAY32.dll

My idea, but somewhat a sort of a guess is that it seems to be some conflict between the ssleay32 shipped with postgres and the ruby. I understand that I could have gem postgres-pr, but it would be preferable for me to use the ruby-postgres than any other, for I already use this on all my set-ups.

Could somebody share some ideas on this, who are also experiencing the same problem as me, on how you did it?


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Ordinal Not Found error on PostgreSql


Do you remember if you've made any changes in your ruby? if you did, it is advised that you restore rubybin to what it was before.

The reason for this is that some of the dll's you may have changed, created multiple copies from cygwin, Google, SVN, Ruby, Postgres, VMware, etc. because some of the dll's are outdated and new dll's are adde to PostgreSQL. 

Anyways, you can try these steps. 

Copy the files here C:Program FilesPostgreSQL8.4bin

Rename these two dll's libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll, found in {RUBY_PATH}/bin directory

Then copy those renamed dll files to {POSTGRES_PATH}/bin directory 

And paste it under {RUBY_PATH}/bin. rename those 2 files in C:rubybin, before you post it for back-up in case you might Need them for other reasons. 🙂 after doing that, set your database.yml like this. 


Adapter: postgresql
Host: localhost
Encoding: UTF8

Run rake db:create and rake db:migrate. you should get a go after this. 

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