Share host list dameware, need help and assistance on this matter.

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Hi guys.

I have new into remote administration. Can you help me find out how to share host list DameWare. Please also post sites, in that offers free advance and basic tutorials for DameWare users.

Thank in advance.

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Share host list dameware, need help and assistance on this matter.


In order to change the location the database files are stored, you will need to modify the appropriate "db path" variables on each Stock users local machine (In Their Own DameWare Development Registry key) Within Their user profile, to point to the shared list.

Here is the path for the MRC database file:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software DameWare Development NT Utilities DNTU Settings DWRCC]
"MRC db Path" = "C: Documents and Settings {User Profile} Application Data DameWare Development " -> MRC Saved Host List

Also, just FYI, if you are manually editing the path in the registry (via regedit), then you cannot enter the double back-slashes " " in the path. Would you only enter a single back-slash. In other words, you only enter should "x: path ". Also, please make safe you end the path with a back-slash character as well. 

Whereas, if you create a. REG file for distribution, then the path separated by Would Be double back-slashes (x: path ) instead. This is the same behavior you see if you Would manually edited the Registry and then Exported registry key into a That. REG file.

Another thing to keep in mind is That Any exchange made by thesis aussi Would users be saved to this shared hosting list, Unless you only give 'em some kind of read-only access to this file or directory. However, even with read-only access, this still Does not Prevent Them from making Any exchange in the Remote Connect dialogued Before They connect. They can make forex Before They connect, exchange order will not be Those saved.

Lastly, although the MRC Saved Host List can be shared Itself Amongst multiple users, other information cannot be shared, even with another user profile on the exact same machine. For example, you can share your Mini Remote Control Saved Host List, or even transfer it to another Machine or another profile by copying MRC.DBF your database file to the Appropriate folder on your new machine. 

However, for security Reasons, any, credentials saved Within each Stock thesis of Host Entries cannot be shared or Transferred. Our software uses Microsoft's Security APIs (CryptoAPIs) to encrypt and store this information, it's only reachable goal of this specific user profile on this specific machine, not even by Any Other user profile on this same machine.

For tutorials, watch YouTube videos.

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