RAM upgradation and Optimized use in Virtual Box.

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I am using a Dell Laptop and have recently upgraded my RAM from 2 to 4GB, is there any way possible that I can utilize the total capacity of these RAM's? Should I use virtual box, for different OS or with this high capacity, I don,t virtual box? One more thing, is there some way possible, through which I can actually use more than one OS without using virtual box?


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RAM upgradation and Optimized use in Virtual Box.


Yes, all of what you ask is possible. If you decide on upgrading your laptop’s physical memory from 2 GB to 4 GB, you have to change the version of your operating system to fully utilize the entire RAM of your computer. If you are using let’s say Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit, you will not be able to fully utilize the entire RAM.

This is because 32-bit operating systems are only efficient in utilizing the memory up to 2 GB. The rest is wasted. That’s why there were reports from other users before that they don’t see the entire capacity of their RAM when checking it on the operating system. For example, they have 4 GB RAM.

When they use Microsoft DirectX to check the total amount of RAM they see a different amount often lower than what they have. So, to be able to fully utilize the total amount of RAM if you have more than 2 GB, you need to change the version of your operating system.

If you are using a 32-bit Microsoft Windows, you need to change it to 64-bit Microsoft Windows. You need first to check your hardware if it supports 64-bit operating system because it will require you to have a 64-bit processor and a 64-bit motherboard. Regarding your operating system, you don’t need to use VirtualBox just to have a second operating system.

You can make your computer dual-boot where every time you start your computer, you get to select between 2 operating systems. The process is quite long and you need to make sure on every step. To have an idea, visit Operating System Merge. To have a much clearer explanation on the process, you should visit Install More Than One Operating System from Microsoft.

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