Taking use of a virtual USB drive simulator

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I Want to create a Virtual USB mouse for my P.C which performs like a real USB mouse connected to a USB port. I have searched in the web for a solution for this matter ,and found that a Virtual USB Drive Simulator would help me. But i don't know how to get the use of it for my problem. Please help me in this matter.

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Taking use of a virtual USB drive simulator


Hello Mr.Trexranger,

Here are some ways of creating virtual mouse:
1. Try the AHKHID and Make Chord libraries. You can find these file in- http://www.autohotkey.com/board/topic/38527-edit-box-sizing/.You must keep the AHKHID.ahk and MakeChord.ahk files in the same folder to run this.
2. Then go to the program and run script.
You will find two ways to activate your virtual mouse:
Step 1. In order to perform the middle-click:
Hold Alt and then right click.(make sure the numlock is off)
Step 2. To make your virtual mouse scroll: 
Hold Alt,then click and hold the right mouse button. Move your mouse in your desired direction. This will make it scroll.
Most importantly,make sure your numlock is turned off and then use your numpad to work with your virtual mouse.
A special note: Ctrl-Alt-Break use it if you wish to make your script terminated.
Good luck on your virtual mouse.
Thank you.

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