Screen partition occurred – unable to detect problem

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I am having some trouble with my monitor screen. There has been a broken line through the middle and it has parted the screen in two vertically. I have tried every possible screen settings but it is no use.

This vertical line is really annoying and I need to get rid of this trouble as quick as possible. Kindly someone help me with this problem.

Aldrin Richards

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Screen partition occurred – unable to detect problem



The vertical output transistor of the monitor may be out of order. Two transistors i.e. vertical output transistor and horizontal output transistors are very much important for the monitor. With the help of an expert you can get your vertical transistor replaced with a good one.

ETH of the monitor may also be out of order. These two options are directly involved with your monitor display. If they are terminated, your monitor screen behaves strangely and makes you annoyed.

However, problem regarding display should be solved by the experts who are well oriented with the monitor. Contrary, it will not be fruitful.

I hope you understand it.


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Screen partition occurred – unable to detect problem


If there appeared a vertical line on your monitor, this problem most of the time requires servicing because the problem is in the monitor’s board. What you can do, as a user, is to just troubleshoot the connection between the computer and the monitor. To troubleshoot, disconnect the video cable from the video port on the CPU then plug it back in.

If this doesn’t work, try plugging the monitor on another computer then see if the problem follows. If the problem follows then it means the monitor itself is broken. Bring it to a repair shop and get it serviced. On the other hand, if the monitor worked properly on the other computer without the vertical line, try checking your video card.

Turn off your CPU then open the CPU case. Now, remove the video card from the slot. After this, get a pencil eraser and rub it on the gold pins of the video card. Do it on both sides. When you are finished, wipe it off with a dry soft clean cloth. Insert it back on the slot.

If this doesn’t work, try updating the driver. Download the latest video card driver from the following manufacturers:

If the problem continues, you need to replace the video card with a new one.

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