Why display of monitor is reduced for working long time?

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I am using Samsung CRT monitor.

If I work for a long time such as one hour then the display of my monitor reduce almost half or one inch from both side.

After one and half hour it turns off.

What is the problem and how can I solve it?

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Why display of monitor is reduced for working long time?


CRT display/monitor reduces screen for a long time.

Your computer buttons might be grounded. Check for the resize button and that’s maybe the reason why the screen reduces. Sometimes button and automatically pressed and the settings in your monitor will be adjusted without your knowledge. All you need to do is to disassemble your computer monitor and look for the buttons where they are connected. Just lean the area with thinner to remove dirt contacts which is the reason why the button automatically pressed even if you are not touching the body of the monitor.

Since turning off is added to this issue, this maybe a cause of electronic components problem on the monitor. Something like the relay switch does not working or the capacitor does not charging and releasing power. You may also check the FLY BACK of your monitor, this might be damage.

Before I forgot to mention this, you may also check the power source of your electric out, your power might be in low resistance makes your appliance doesn’t works of course including your monitor.

The hardest job of the monitor trouble shooting is when the monitor is working but if there are some errors on it is hard to find the exact error. So, if the solutions given above does not work still, this is the time to bring your monitor to the nearest electronic shop in your area.

Repairing of this may take from 3 to 5 days trouble shoot. 

So you must be ready for the situation you like to work on PC but you can’t because your Monitor is in a shop.

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Why display of monitor is reduced for working long time?


It could be a burnt capacitor or weak capacitor inside your monitor and because of this it doesn't work normally anymore.

I suggest that you have it repair on a repair shop and check it to make sure that it is not only the problem. Also, ask the technician on how much does the repair will cost you. It might be a little short than buying a new type of monitor.

If this is the case then I suggest that you just buy a new monitor rather than have it repaired. Sell your old one to computer shops that buys broken computer hardware.

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